Captain Kool Ice Cream in Centerline Michigan has serviced Metro Detroit neighborhoods since 1976 with curb-side and over the counter sales of top brand novelty Ice creams.

Captain Kool Ice Cream is a distributor for all the top Novelty Ice Cream brands.

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We wholesale and stock our neighborhood Ice Cream Trucks with all the top brands like Well's Blue Bunny™ - Rich's and Northstar Ice Cream. We have serviced 20 cities in Metro Detroit East Side area since 1976.... all during the April to October warm weather sales season. Review some of our novelty ice cream selections below, all made just for neighborhood Ice Cream curb-side sales. Grocery store brands just don't compare in size or taste.

Captain Kool carries Wells Blue Bunny, Northstar and Rich's Novelty Ice cream

Our Yellow Ice Cream trucks are a familiar site all during the prime summertime sales season in Metro Detroit neighborhoods. Call (586) 755-4888 for complete selections. You can print our Price Sheet.. click here

Chocolate creamy Fudge Bars.... The classic fudge flavor you've cherished since childhood. One bite will take you back to the good old days of summer vacation. Novelty Ice Cream bars have been sold off the CK Trucks, in over 20 Metro Detroit cities, from Springtime till Fall.
Bunny Tracks® Cone
Get your favorite ice cream, ready to eat! Our premium vanilla ice cream swirled with thick fudge, peanut butter caramel and peanut butter-filled chocolate bunnies comes packed in a crunchy sugar cone. A drizzle of fudge and peanut halves top this delectable dessert.
Chocolate Éclair Bars are always a favorite with kids and adults. Here's a pastry lover's delight! Our creamy chocolate center is smothered in vanilla ice cream and rolled in a cake crunch for a king-size chocolate éclair taste that will satisfy to the core.
Chocolate Sundae Crunch® Bar are delicious.Experience layer upon layer of chocolate delight. A thick chocolate center is surrounded with smooth vanilla ice cream and rolled in a crunch coating.
Orange Dream™ Bar
Like a fantasy come true! Heavenly vanilla ice cream is coated with a tangy orange sherbet shell for a delightful frozen treat.
Malt Cup
Thick, creamy and oh-so good! Our malt cups taste like an old-time chocolate malted shake that's been frozen in time.
Cookies and Cream Screamers Cup
It's hard to improve on cookies and milk, but we did it! We start with vanilla ice cream, add delicious chunks of real chocolate cookies and serve it in an individual cup for an ice cream favorite that's all yours.
Twin Pop Bar
Two sticks make them perfect for sharing. Try our frozen assortment of cherry, lemon-lime and orange flavors for twice the fun of a regular pop.
Tweety Bird funny face Ice Cream bar
I tought I taw a Tweety bird! This creamy Tweety-faced bar features orange and cherry flavors with bubble gum eyes for a treat that's sweet.
Cotton Candy Bar
A festive treat that's hard to beat! Our deliciously sweet, creamy pink cotton candy bar tastes just like the real thing, only creamier!
Bubble Gum Bar
Our famously sweet, creamy bubble gum bar swirls pink and blue bubble gum together for a treat that's hard to beat.
Bugs Bunny Bar
What's up, doc? Super sweet flavor! Our creamy Bugs Bunny-shaped bar features orange, mixed berry and cherry flavors complete with bubble gum eyes!

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Counter sales and Ice Cream even price list is shown here.

Vanilla Big Dipper Cones
The cone for ice cream cone aficionados! Our Vanilla Big Dipper features a large sugar cone filled with vanilla ice cream, dipped in chocolate flavored coating and topped off with crunchy peanuts and crispy cone pieces.
  Captain Kool Ice Cream trucks sell NorthStar novelity ice creams and frozen desert cups
Homemade creamy Vanilla Ice Cream Bar
An ice cream classic. Premium homemade vanilla ice cream is dipped in chocolate coating for a down-home taste that's sure to satisfy.
Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bar
Tastes just like strawberry shortcake...on a stick. Our sweet strawberry center is enveloped in creamy vanilla ice cream and rolled in a crunchy cake coating for pure pleasure through and through.
Big Vanilla® Ice Cream Sandwich
Here's a favorite that never gets old. Rich vanilla ice cream comes sandwiched between two big chocolate wafers for a frozen treat that kids of all ages will love.
Chips Galore!® Sandwich
Exploding with chocolate chips! Rich vanilla ice cream is sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies and rolled in chocolate chips for a taste of chocolate goodness in every big bite!
Big Dipper Chocolate Lover's Ice Cream cone
The cone for chocolate lovers! Our Chocolate Big Dipper features a large sugar cone filled with chocolate ice cream, dipped in chocolate coating and topped with chocolate cookie crunch.
Cookies 'n Cream Big Dipper cone
The cone for cookies 'n cream lovers! Our Cookies 'n Cream Big Dipper features a large sugar cone filled with cookies 'n cream ice cream dipped in premium white chocolate and topped with crunchy cookie pieces.
Homemade creamy Vanilla Ice Cream Bar
An ice cream classic. Premium homemade vanilla ice cream is dipped in chocolate coating for a down-home taste that's sure to satisfy.

Frozen Bomb Pops is a variety of tasty flavors.
Counter sales and Ice Cream even price list is shown here.

Watermelon Bomb Pop®
Saying it's fruity just doesn't cut it! Cool down with the taste of refreshingly sweet watermelon - complete with sweet candy seeds and a lime rind! 
Sour Cherry Tear Jerkers® Bomp Pop®
Super sour cherry surprise! This cherry Tear Jerker® pop is bursting with a sour cherry flavor and features a gumball in the tip.
Jolly Rancher® Bomb Pop®
This one's sure to shake up your taste buds! Our exclusive Jolly Rancher pop - featuring watermelon, grape, lemon, cherry and green apple stripes - is bursting with your favorite fruit flavors!
Original Bomb Pop® (Red -White & Blue)
The classic that you know and love! Flavors of cherry, lime and blue raspberry fill the famous fins that make this treat an all-American favorite.
Fudge Bomb Pop®
Go ape over creamy layers of bananas 'n' fudge. This twist on an all-time classic features a creamy banana middle between two layers of fudge.

Buy one off our Captain Kool Ice Cream Trucks or in case lots at wholesale prices in our Centerline Michigan office/warehouse. We also provide free Ice Cream Push carts for Ice Cream socials and fund raising events.

Click here to see the compete Rich's Ice Cream product line

Ice Cream Sandwiches
Ice Cream Sandwiches

Best Selling Bars
Best Selling Bars

Swirled Bars
Rich's Swirled Bars

Classic Rich's Bars
Classic Rich's Bars

Favorite Novelties
Favorite Noveltie Ice Creams on CK trucks

Frozen Cups
frozen desert cups delivered in Metro Detroit Ice Cream Trucks

Rich's Cookies & Cream Bar

Cookies & Cream Bar are favorites on Captain Kool Ice Cream route truck

It'Cherry Screwballs hard to know what you'll like more aboutBlue Raspberry Screwball sold by CK Corp in Centerline MI this bar - the taste or the price! Now this favorite ice cream flavor comes in a delicious cookie crunch coated bar! Size 3 fl. oz.... learn more about Rich's Ice Creams... click here!

Sherbert PushupsRich's Ice Cream pushups

Our trucks and carts feature Polar Pole Rainbow & Polar Pole Orange and Nutty Sundae Cones and many more novelty Ice Creams made by Rich's Inc.

We sell to walk-in Indy Truck drivers and small retail shops

Print out our Price Sheet for QTY Box Counts

Counter sales and Ice Cream event price list is shown here.

Captain Kool Ice Creams... serving your favorites.. since 1976

How to contact CK Corporation staff in our Centerline Michigan office

NorthStar Ice Cream  | Rich's Ice Cream | Wells -Blue Bunny Ice Creams
Visit some famous Novelty Ice Cream Brand manufacturers sites for information.

Captain Kool offers Metro Detroit Michigan Ice Cream Cart and truck rentals. These are available for cities like Birmingham, Troy, Saint Clair Shores, Warren, Sterling Heights, Grosse Pointe, Harper Woods, Royal Oak, Southfield, Huntington Woods, Romeo, Madison Heights, Levonia, Grosse Pointe Woods, Dearborn, Ann Arbor, OakPark, Clinton Township, Eastpoint, Pontiac, Centerline and other cities in a 50 mile radius from Detroit.

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The largest selection of Novelty Ice Creams in Metro Detroit.

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